Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Check out this band. Paramedics. My uber-talented buddy Drew sings and plays guitar. Yeah, the same Drew that kicks ass at making movies, and at taking pictures, is in a new band, wait a minute...Drew kind of reminds me of this wonderful tv clip (wait for the song).

I brought my camera along, but due to unforeseen circumstances with the lighting guys, I didn't get very many images I liked. Plus, I feel bad because I couldn't really get any images of the rest of the band members due to said lighting circumstances :(

So, check out a couple of images, then head on over to their myspace where they have one demo up.

Note: since the lighting sucked, I played around with some triple exposures (all done in camera)

Thanks for the awesome red lights buddy!

To prove I'm not ignoring the rest of the band (uber-talented as well), here is what the light looked like on them. Pretty crappy, huh?