Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Blevins Photobooth

Enjoy my favorites from Laura & Jeremy's Photobooth! And, if any of our current or future brides are interested in me bringing the Photobooth to your wedding, drop us a line at to get the full scoop.

Saturday Night Fever


Sisterly Love

This dude was jealous of the other dude's hair, so he stabbed him with a fork :)

Favorite (Take 1)

Favorite (Take 2)

We tried to lure him in with a cookie...but it didn't work out too well :)

I have no clue where this collar was found. But I like it.

Make it Rain.

Literally...make it rain.

The limo driver.

Favorite (Take 3)

Fun with food.

Favorite (Take 4) Note: These are WAY funnier if you know the people :)

Get it.

Thanks, Laura & Jeremy, hope you're enjoying Hawaii!