Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Laura & Jeremy: Engaged!

Where do I begin? A viola. Laughing. Pastor Robes & Bibles. Snuggling. Face Grabbing. More laughing. All these words describe the awesomeness of Laura & Jeremy and our engagement session this evening. We had fun riding all over Raymore and stopping at all kinds of random places that included:

1. a wood fence
2. an old tree farm
3. a construction site

And I feel I need to add that I love when I get to ride around with my couples. We get to know each other better, plus I can pull over wherever the heck I want to :)

Here are some of my favs from the session...

We had the most beautiful light this evening. I want my Spring and I want it to stay!

Snuggle tight!

I promised myself I would branch out this year, and that includes shooting in some harsh light.

Jeremy had this Viola custom made. It makes pretty sounds in his hands...

but not so much when Laura touches it :)

More snuggles :)

Love this shot!

Both Jeremy and Laura are Pastors, so I asked them to bring their robes for a few shots. I really like these last two shots

By far my favorite image from the shoot...just 2 people in love praying together in a field :)