Monday, April 20, 2009

Married: Laura & Jeremy

The time has finally come for wedding season to kick into full gear. We got to kick off our season with Laura & Jeremy (whom you might remember from a week and a half ago here). We had fun, tears were shed (always a good thing), one of our photobooths happened (pics of that to come at a later date), and it's way too late for me to be writing too much. Just know this...I'm so ready for this coming wedding season, and if Laura & Jeremy's wedding was any indication, it's gonna be a great year for all of us :)

A few quick details:
Claire Ryser came out and shot with us (she's amazing). Thanks, Claire, it's always a pleasure!
DJ: Elite Sounds (They always keep the dance floor packed)

One final note. I want to make it clear that I try not to tell the story of a wedding day with my blog posts from that wedding. If I tried to do that I'd have 75 images in each post :) So, I try and pick my favorite images based on a few things.

1) I love emotion, specifically laughter and tears :)
2) I love funny things
3) A few pretty details inevitably make the blog
4) Anything else that might catch my eye while flipping through my images from the day might make it :)

Onto the images:

The sign says it all :)

Dark clouds, Pretty flowers

Laura loves Jeremy so much she cried through their portraits...

but they laughed too :)

Hungry. Why wait? Grab a Snick...I mean shoe :)

I was hoping for a Michael Jackson, but oh well, funny image anyway :)

Laura, your shoes are waiting

Father of the Bride telling a story about...well, I have no idea, so you can make up your own :)

Lovebirds :)

So happy!

People, never lose your inner child, your kids will thank you later. I guarantee it.

Yes, you are adorable. I will take your picture on that bench.

Yes. I told you this was going on the blog. I don't tell fibs.

Pretty people in pretty light make for pretty pictures.

Sadly, Jenny ate all the heart shaped rice krispy treats so I couldn't use them as props in the photobooth, but at least it made for a cute ring picture.

Some crazy from the first dance :)

I cry at almost every Father/Daughter dance. Laura's didn't let me down.

While I generally don't cry at Mother/Son dances, they are equally important :)

Hey. You two on the dance floor. Yeah, you two that are dancing, but don't seem too happy about it. You made the blog :)

Jeremy was having a ball!

Congratulations, you two! Enjoy Hawaii for me and Jenny! Be on the lookout later this week for some images from their photobooth!