Friday, April 24, 2009

Engaged: Allison & Mark

WOW!!!! I've been rocked by Allison & Mark. While checking out this blog post, please look for the following:

1. The "look." Both Mark and Allison showed it at one point or another during our session. You know, that look in the eyes that says, "I am head over heels in love with you and am so glad we get to spend the rest of our lives together." I love that look.
2. Horses
3. A German Shepherd that loves Mark & Allison, but not anyone else (apparently, I'm nowhere near as good as Cesar Millan yet)
4. Lots and lots of flare.
5. Lots and lots of love.
6. The wind. Allison, you may or may not like the windblown look, but I sure do :)


I'm not really this funny, but the horse eating my camera strap while taking this picture is :)

You two are amazing.

I love Bear hiding in the back of this one. He wouldn't come near me, but wouldn't leave their side. It made taking pictures interesting :)

Mark has that, "I'm a badass, I love my fiance" look on his face :)

Allison, you might hate this one (because of your hair), but I love it. You'll forever remember how windy it was, and, hey, your man is loving on you. Just look at your smile!

Hello, Mr. Horse. Thanks for joining :)

Oh, yeah, Mark sings to her. How sweet is that?

Look into Allison's eyes. Can you see the love for Mark in there?

Major hotness below.

Hey, just snuggle for me, thanks.

I don't know what Mark was saying to her, but her eyes lit up :)

More fun with windy hair :)

Allison's only request, and it turned out great!
Thanks for being amazing and letting me get a glimpse of your love for each other :)