Sunday, April 12, 2009

Engaged: Candace & Brian

On a gorgeous Spring day, I met up with Candace & Brian. He brought his Jeep (man, I REALLY miss my Jeep after yesterday), and my buddy, Jeremy Arnold, came along for fun to shoot with me.

So, how cute are Candace's dresses? I don't think she could have picked a better wardrobe! Also, I'm glad no one was harmed in the taking of these pictures, although, if Brian really was injured, that lady was there to help :) Oh, more on that in a minute...onto the pics!

How cute are these two? You can answer in the comments section below :)

Cute Couple in Love + Backlight + Parking Garage = Fun For Everyone! (I'm glad I'm good at math)

Brian's got the look...

Now Candace has the look :)

Love it!

This is about 10 ft away from where Brian proposed, and Candace is in the same dress. Rant: We would have been in the EXACT spot, but it was crowded and some dude was there taking pics with a fill flash and diffuser. Umm, the light is gorgeous, turn your flash off. End Rant.

Jenny & I used to roll like this in high school. Now we have kids and roll in our Dodge Grand Caravan. Candace & Brian can still roll, though :)

Are you two this happy all the time? Are you two this cute all the time? I can't wait for your wedding :)

Love this one...

but love this one more :) Note: Brian laid down, some lady thought he was hurt and offered to call an ambulance. I love people!

Snuggle closer. Closer. You got it. Super close and snuggly :)

If everyone had a love like this, the world would be full of white fluffy clouds, rainbows 24/7, and rivers would be overflowing with chocolate :)

I know my comments are lame, sorry, but thanks for enduring them and sticking with me. It's late, I'm super tired, and now I'm going to bed. Oh, and head on over to Jeremy Arnold's blog to check out some of his favorites!