Sunday, April 26, 2009

Married: Holly & Fritz

Reception: Loose Mansion
Flowers: Ornamental Petal
Cake: Cake Gallery Studio 209

I'm so glad that wedding season has kicked into high gear for us. There are so many things to love about weddings...and every one of those things was on display at Holly & Fritz's wedding yesterday. Joy...Love...Fun...Chuck Taylors...a crazy game with kids cars...Laughter...Tears...Berbiglia. Everyone just kicked back and hung out all day. I feel that these 37 images sum up the day as best as I can in one post, but know that I could have easily picked out 100 or so to share. Enjoy!

One last look before the first meeting

Anxiously waiting.

This image pretty much sums up the whole day :)

Pit stop at Berbiglia

Fritz was pretty excited to have his picture taken with Jasper :)

Did I mention all the dudes wore matching Converse Chuck Taylor's? That included the dads :)

Is that Purple Chuck Taylor's on the bride? Yep, Fritz bought them to match her "purple" dress :)

Jenny begged me to spot color this image, but it isn't 1999 anymore. Just kidding everyone, Jenny didn't beg me, or even ask me, I just thought it was funny :)

So sweet.

Love Jenny's point of view here.

Holly with the bridesmaids and bridesman (?)

Holly with the Groomsmen

Fritz wants to see your hands :)

The Walter Payton High Five

Then all hell broke loose with the groomsmen. I don't even know how we got here, but we did...

a wide shot to capture all the chaos that was happening...

then a dunk competition broke out.

The scene was just a little different in the girls' room :)

Rings on the turntables. Maybe one of my favorite rings shots ever (I love turntables).

First dance sweetness...

Then the dancing started and never stopped :)

Your guess is as good as mine.

Congrats you two! Enjoy Mexico :)