Sunday, March 1, 2009

Paige D.: 9 months

Boy, I can't believe Paige is 9 months old already, but we showed up at her house this morning and she was crawling all over the place! Our last session with Paige was outdoors and it was kind of chilly, so she wasn't exactly super smiley. But today she brought the smiles! I think it might be because her mom told her she would cry if she didn't smile or maybe it's just because she thinks I'm funny, who knows. But I am kind of funny, well, I'm funny to little kids :) So, since I know mom is blogstalking, here are some favorites...

Her laughing makes me giggle :)

Nothing is as precious as a happy, smiling, cute baby!

This hat was adorable. Sadly, we couldn't keep it on her head long enough for a shot :(

I guess Jenny really is funny

I love the big, blue eyes and her expression. I wonder what she's thinking about?

Yes, I will eat the snow.

There's that adorable smile again :)