Monday, March 23, 2009

Engaged: April & Joe

April & Joe are the absolute perfect couple for us. April & Joe have to be some of the happiest people I've ever had the privilege of photographing. Seriously, they just love to have fun and make each other smile...and that makes me smile :)

Before I get to the images I just want to throw out a few more tidbits of info:
1. April & Joe started dating when they were 13. How amazing is that?
2. April is very ticklish, and Joe takes full advantage of the tickle bug :)
3. Jenny got to come along to this e-shoot (that doesn't happen as much as I'd like)
4. You might think by looking at my favorite images from their e-session that I'm a pretty funny guy, but it's just not true. They just love each other that much!

Ok, now for some of my fav images...

My shot...

Jenny's shot :)

I love this one :)

This one is in the top 2 from this session, and it was #1 until...

I saw this one...definitely my favorite!

so sweet

Another Jenny shot. Love it!

You guys are too cute for your own good.

I'm sooo excited for your wedding. You two are perfect for each other :)