Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nolan's 1 Year Portraits

This evening we headed out to take pics of Nolan, who just turned 1. I think we took more pictures tonight than any other portrait session ever...Nolan just wanted nothing to do with me, Jenny, his mom, or his dad. He wasn't even grumpy, just uninterested. Luckily, we had some amazing weather, beautiful light, and plenty of patience :)

I think we even got a few great photos... here are my favorites (in case you're wondering Amber, I originally had 30 picked out for the blog!)

It started out okay...
Gotta love this family shot

Nolan sure loved the sand!

Late evening sun is always the best

Sometimes if I scream at a kid, he will scream back...

still screaming :)

One of my absolute faves from the session (and I took a crap ton of pics)

I love this face...and I don't even know what it is!
Check out my amazing wife. She's working hard with a 2 week old baby strapped to her chest. Now that's dedication! Actually, she's one of my secret weapons when it comes to kid pictures, and I was glad to have her along this evening to help out and capture some great shots.