Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Graduating: Abby

Meet Abby. She really likes to smile...no, seriously, she REALLY likes to smile. But, before we get to the pics, I have to apologize to Abby and Lisa for telling them the blog would be done tonight, and it's now after midnight. I broke my record for number of pictures taken at a session (and it's the record I set last night). So, it took me a little longer than I expected. I told you both my trigger finger gets around :)

Bring on my favorites...

Abby wanted some pictures with her best friend in the whole world...I'm really not that funny.

She wanted some pics with her cute little doggie, too. She's still laughing.

The funny thing for this session is that I didn't have to say anything at all to make her laugh, my job was pretty easy tonight.

She has a good "serious" face, too (but we didn't see it that much tonight)

One of my absolute favs from the session!

I channeled my inner Kelley for this shot :)
When we met with Abby she mentioned she wanted to get some pics in her prom dresses...DONE. You don't have to mention that one twice.

I love these next 2 pictures soooooo much. What a great model look in this one...

but she couldn't hold it for very long :)

Then we played in that yummy, warm light that I love so much

**Sorry for my lame commentary tonight, but I can't think straight once I get tired**