Sunday, August 24, 2008

Married: Leah & Ryan

Location: Downtown KC Library
Wedding Planner: Leslie from You're Invited
DJ: Marc O'Leary Entertainment
Flowers: Bella Design Studio
Cake: Creative Cakes

Yesterday was just one of "those" weddings. What I mean is, it was one of "those" weddings that you come home, you're exhausted, your head is pounding, you just threw up, yet you transfer all of the pics onto the computer and start to sort through them. You do this because you are that pumped to check out the images from the day. It's now 1:30 am and you can't sleep because you are so excited to share all of your favorite pics from the day, but, alas, you're exhausted and finally do fall asleep...

Now, before I post the pics, just know that it was extremely hard for me to narrow down all of my favorites (I know, I say that all the time). But, seriously, I had over 50 marked that I could have shared with you (but I can't do that), so you'll have to settle for only 28 or so. Enjoy!

P.S. - It was Jenny's first wedding back since Lia's birth, and I just have to give her a big shout-out, because she freakin' rocked it! I could have done a whole blog with her pics alone.

I love this shot Jenny snapped of Leah...

and this one of Leah's mom putting on her necklace. You could tell throughout the day how close Leah was to her mom. Just beautiful!

The dudes

This is a shot of Ryan walking back to his posse after a short portrait session.

The beautiful flowers.

Heather Cole, dare I say it, you inspire me! Meow, ladies, you look marvelous!

Leah was workin' it for the portraits

Another Jenny shot (I told you she was en fuego)

One of my favorite parts of any wedding day is the final moments right before the ceremony between father/daughter. There's always so much excitement, nervousness, and most importantly, love.

The first kiss (my shot)

The first kiss (Jenny's shot)

Those moments right after the ceremony between the newlyweds always bring out the best smiles :)

Should I apologize for all my flare? Nope...I just can't :)

I'm not going to apologize for the hotness of these next few images either.

Another Jenny shot

I just couldn't help myself :)

Yes, those are your rings in the mashed potato martinis :)

I've seen a lot of things at receptions before, but never jump rope!

And, finally, a big shout out to the You're Invited team, because they had every little detail covered. Thanks, Leslie and team, for making our job a LOT easier, and for pimpin' out the 5th floor of the library (fish in the centerpieces)! You ladies rock!