Monday, August 25, 2008

Doggie Pics: Maggie & Buster

I always get done with doggie sessions and feel a few different things:

1. My legs ALWAYS hurt from the chasing, squatting, etc. that goes with taking pictures of dogs.
2. I get so excited to look through the pictures, and when I finally do, Jenny says I get the biggest grins on my face. It's because dogs are always so stinkin' cute, and when they get those tongues hanging out, it just makes me smile :)

Well, I'm sure Tina has been hitting the refresh button long enough, so here's the pics...

Meet Maggie & Buster. They are part Boxer, part Pit Bull, and all lovey-dovey-cuteness!

Buster has a long, long tongue!

Maggie does too!

Not only did Maggie and Buster wear me out, I think they wore each other out :)

I told you they got tired :)


I know there are a lot of looking down shots, but, dang, when they look this cute, how can you not take 'em?

You can't beat tongue shots like this one :)

more playing!

Sorry, Tina, I had to post this shot, it's just too darling, and your face is priceless :)

Doggie jowling!

and, finally, one more tongue shot!