Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Venetian at Night: Ed & Monica Pingol

While I was out in Vegas I got invited to come along on a couple of sweet shoots. Tonight I'm going to share the first one. Greg Bumatay set up this shoot at the Venetian, which is a gorgeous hotel. Karey Michelle, David Baxter, Crystal Goss, and Erwin Wijanto all shot as well.

It was a difficult shoot for 2 reasons:

1. Ed Pingol is a fellow photographer, and a master of off-camera lighting. Seriously, check out his work. Do it, now! I feel taking pictures of other photographers in a setting like this is one of the most challenging things to do.

2. It was my first shoot strictly at night. We didn't use any flash, just a couple of video lights, then we really had to be creative because both of our lights died:(

It was fun, and different, and very challenging, but I'm happy with the results. Check them out for yourself. And Ed & Monica totally rocked it in front of the camera. It had to have been difficult with all of us crazy photogs in your face at the same time.

Before I get to the pics, I want to let you all know that I really liked all of these images in black & white. Except for this one. After that, black & white it is!



That's the moon in this shot, I couldn't decide if I wanted to take it out or leave it in for effect.



I wanted this shot to have a dirty look to it, so I added some grain

We added some extras in to the background for this shot:)


Ohhh, I love the next two!



I really wanted these shots to look very romantic, and I think that being late night, the video lights and the black & white treatment really brought that out. It helped that Ed & Monica were great models and showed us how much they really love each other. Thanks guys!

Here's a couple of funny shots

If you check out Ed's work, you're bound to see a pose like this eventually. It's called a Phoon, and there's a whole website just for Phoons:)

This one was taken at 3:30 in the morning. Ed was showing off his new wedding gear:)

And, Erwin caught me on video a couple of times. This marks the first time I've ever been on Youtube. How awesome is that!

Warning - it was 3:00 am Friday and I was working on about 9 hours of sleep over the past 4 days:)

And, let's just say, if I ain't liquored up, I can't dance:)

By the way, please don't laugh at my robot. I thought we were supposed to be doing monkey robots:)