Saturday, March 22, 2008

Doggie Pics: Brady

And, finally, my 3rd and final post of the evening, meet Brady. Brady is 10 months old and by far my most active subject of the afternoon. He was also very comfortable with me from the beginning, and actually gave me a fat lip:) It's okay, though, we got some awesome pics!

Before we get to the pics, here's what I learned today.

1. Loose Park is not a very good park to take doggie pics. There's just too much going on, and you have to keep your dogs on a leash because they'll just run towards all the other dogs, or kids, or squirrels:)
2. Just like kids, every dog has their own personality, and you have to figure out what that is, and how to get through to them pretty quickly so you can get some good shots. Let's just say, I'm still learning when it comes to dogs:)



Brady liked when leaves were thrown at him, and I did too. It makes for a great pic:)


I love this shot!


Brady, I hope you slept like a baby tonight after all that running around you did. I sure know I will:)