Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's been a while...

since we've seen some shots of Max and Ava. These are also the first pics taken on Jenny's new camera (which she has yet to even turn on), but you know I couldn't resist:)

Ava is developing a very, very strong sense of independence. She refuses to believe that she's only 16 months old and she thinks she's as big as her brother.

This is the case with her clothes. She loves to dress herself, the only problem is that she doesn't really do a very good job:) Here she is patiently waiting for her cereal, and you will notice her valiant attempt at putting her own shirt on (I would like to add that she did put her own hat on after she slipped on the shirt)

After I fought with her to take the shirt off (I let her keep the hat on), she was enjoying her cereal a little too much.

In all honesty, she does a decent job of feeding herself cereal, as she has developed a nice 2 handed technique.

And, what would a post be of the kiddos without a shot of Max. Here he is laughing because he told me he was going to fart on me or something like that:)

And, this week is going to be crazy! Be on the lookout for lots of new blog posts this week.

Monday: Monthly shoot with Drew (weather permitting)
Tuesday: Newborn, dog shoot, Zoey (weather permitting)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: Olivia (Heather's Daughter, weather permitting)
Friday: A Senior Shoot (Whoot, whoot, I need to do more of these, wink, wink)
Saturday: A wedding with either Heather or Kelley (I'm a lucky son of a gun to have the opportunity to shoot with such wonderful photogs)

And you'll notice, that I hate Missouri weather