Friday, March 28, 2008

Thanks for Dinner:)


Beef + Manicotti + lots of Cheese = An Amazing Meal

A big thanks goes out to Sara/Sarah? I really don't know, and I don't know a last name, but it goes to show how nice people can be. I got this delicious concoction from Erica on Tuesday night, and we ate it on Wednesday:)

With Jenny being sick, we've gotten a ton of meals prepared for us, which, let me tell you, comes in handy when you're taking care of 2 little ones, trying to keep the house somewhat straightened, the business inline, and take care of an extremely sick wife:)

So, thanks, Layna for all the meals, Ty for cooking up some wonderful Hawaiian Burgers and whatever the heck that thing was you made for dessert, the Millards for the pizza and company, the Murlatts for that Italian Chicken dinner that was so good, my parents for an unlimited supply of food, and thanks to all the other people who I forgot to mention that may have cooked food, baby-sat or offered to do anything at all for us. Jenny is finally doing better, still weak and itchy, but doing better. Finally!

Okay, after typing quite possibly the longest sentence I've ever typed, I'm all out of words. Let's hope the rain holds off tomorrow so I can do a kick-ass maternity session:)

I'm out!