Thursday, September 17, 2009

Engaged: Kristin & Shawn

Sometimes love blossoms in unexpected places. For Kristin & Shawn, that place happened to be at H&R Bloch. So, what better place to shoot their session than H&R Bloch and the surrounding area :)

Kristin & Shawn have a wonderful relationship. In just the short time we spent together shooting their e-pics, I learned that they just love to have fun together, and that's what life is all about, right? Their sense of humor (and they both have good ones) was on display all throughout the shoot, and that's just the way I love it!

Kristin would go from this....

to this in a split second :)

My favorite (I think)

Get it, they are getting married on the 24th :)

Shawn LOVES to dance, and what better place to practice than a parking garage :)

Ok, this one's tied for my favorite. There is just something mysterious about this image, but you sure can see how much Kristin loves Shawn just by looking at that smile.