Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 days is too long...

I realized last night that it's been 10 days, yes, 10 whole DAYS since I snapped a picture of my kids. Now, we were in New York for 7 of those days, but still, 10 days is WAY too long. So, enjoy a long post of images of my kids from today, and a few shots of my wife (yes, she actually let me take her picture).

Ava & Max are REALLY enjoying their new bunkbeds...although they enjoy them a little too much when they are supposed to be sleeping :)

Love this "serious" shot of Ava.

Someone likes to sneak up on the freezer when you open it.

Someone is finally, FINALLY, starting to walk. And, I LOVE this image of my baby girl so much.

Max likes to drive his sister's so sweet!

How lucky am I to have a wife this beautiful? She needs to hear it more often because I don't think she believes me when I tell her. Babe, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Ava likes to drive Lia around too :)

Ava just LOVES her sit-n-spin.