Sunday, September 13, 2009

Allie & Steve: Married in New York City

Over Labor Day weekend, Jenny and I flew out to New York City to shoot a wedding, some engagement portraits, and see a little bit of the city. It's been crazy trying to get caught up after being gone for a week!

We've been excited for this wedding not only because it was in New York, but also because Steve, the groom, is a Black Hawk pilot who has been in Iraq. He literally got to come home to his bride days before the wedding. And he will be heading back there any day, so you can imagine the emotions we captured and experienced on their wedding day. Allie and Steve are amazing. They live in a chaotic city (way too chaotic for my blood anyway) and manage to stay relaxed, grounded and very much in love. I'll be praying for Steve & Allie, and for a safe return.

To this day, I'm still amazed at what it takes to get into a wedding dress.

Getting ready to see her man for the first time. I love all the bridesmaids looking on.

The touching first moment.

Times Square was pure chaos.

It's never a bad time for ice cream.

How cute are these kids?

The best mother/son dance ever. EVER.