Thursday, February 14, 2008

Max and his trike

Being home all the time with my children means that my car gets really dirty because the kids are always in it. What happens is that every time we go somewhere, I give them a snack, maybe some Granola Bites, or like the other day when we went to Target and I bought Max and Ava some popcorn to share. Well, let's just say that more popcorn ended up on the backseat of my car than in their mouths. Anyone with kids knows how much fun it is to clean their car.

Anyway, it was almost 60 degrees outside this afternoon, so I decided to finally clean my car out, and Max came out to play. He was doing his usual dumping table (where he dumps water on stuff over and over), then all of a sudden he decides to grab his tricycle and ride off down the street. Jenny knows that I have been DYING to take pictures of him riding his bike. It's tough because not only does he not ride his little trike very often, but he still needs help to get up the hills. So, it's really tough to get good pictures when there's usually crappy light, and he needs help, but when he jumped on the trike this afternoon, I ran in, grabbed my camera and hoped for the best.

Here's some of my favorites from Max's trike ride. I've been playing with some cross-processing lately, and finally found a good mix with the editing of these pictures, so they will look a little different. Anyway, I hope you like them!

Is this supposed to be a tough face? I can't tell.

He's really concentrating on his footwork in these next 2 pics