Saturday, February 16, 2008


Little kids and sports go hand and hand. It's so important to teach them about teamwork, good sportsmanship (thanks dad), and how to play basketball. Max and Zoey have been doing little tykes basketball for the past 6 weeks, and this morning was the last session so I decided to bring my camera along.

Before you can play, you have to stretch

Then you have to run some laps (note: my son is almost always last, but he has a fun time being last if you ask me). I love how Zoey is turning around and smiling at him. It sure would be nice to be a kid again wouldn't it?

This is pretty much what happens at basketball every time there is a stop in the action. I sure feel sorry for the teacher who gets these two in the same class in a few years.

I think Zoey gave Max a kiss here and he got a little embarassed

Got the jersey and he's ready to go

That's some good defense, but Zoey managed to get the shot off

Some good defense by Max and Zoey

I love how excited he gets when he gets the ball

We're still working on the whole catching part

I just like the chaos of the kid guarding Max here, going all crazy, and Max keeping his cool and trying to make the play (actually, I think the kid stole the ball from him right after this picture).

Here's what Ava does during basketball. It was actually fun watching her try and participate with all of the big kids.


No! No! The basket is the other way!

Okay, you got the right idea (but he missed the shot)

And, finally, a little sequence I happened to be lucky enough to catch on camera. Check out this awesome shot Zoey made!
zoey shot