Monday, July 6, 2009

Random Shots, June 2009 Tonganoxie, KS

Every month, Drew and I spend countless hours trying to figure out where we should go for our random shoot. Well, not for the month of June. I have visited a small town we've yet to photograph, and that town goes by the name of Tonganoxie. Tonganoxie is really quite an interesting place. In fact, UPS only delivers there on Mondays (I kid). It was totally worth the trip when we stumbled across this really sweet farm :)

They had horses.

They were Longhorn fans :)

They had super cool old chairs.

I think the mayor lived there.

They have a lazy gardener :)

And creepy eagle statues.

The rusty, blue tractor was super sweet, though.

Then we met this VERY intimidating guard dog. He liked to shed hair all over us :)
We decided to leave the awesome farm, and head into town. After these next 2 images, I got yelled at by a butcher with some REALLY big knives. I walked away from that one complete with all my limbs!

We visited the local record store and found an exciting assortment of new releases.

Basically, Tonganoxie is kind of creepy. They do have good BBQ (Daniel's BBQ), and my awesome friends, Kelley & Sam live there (Kris, if you still live in Tongaxoxie, you're cool too, as is any/all of Kelley's friends who might/might not live there)

Note: Thanks, Kelley for having such a cool farm to take pictures of. And, Sam, your eagle statue is cool, I was just jk'in ya. But, really, the rest of Tonganoxie is a little weird (no offense).