Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Graduating: Austin

Around here at Josh Solar Photo, we don't get to shoot many seniors, so it's always fun when we get to do senior sessions. One thing I always try to do is incorporate what's important to them in their session. Graduating high school is a HUGE step and you change awfully fast, so down the road it's nice to be able to look back and remember who you were in high school.

For Austin, it was all about football...so we headed to the stadium where he plays on Friday nights and walked around. I also got the chance to play with my strobes a little bit, which is nice considering the thunderstorm rolling in behind him in a few of the shots. Doesn't he just look like one mean dude? He's really a nice, quiet guy, but dang, I'd hate to be lining up against him on the field.

Doesn't Austin have such a great smile?

He's got a mean tough face also :)

Told you that thunderstorm was coming!

And, my favorite shot of the session. You do not want to mess with Austin!