Wednesday, July 15, 2009

August: Newborn

Do we have the best "jobs" or what? You mean to tell me that we get to take pictures of the most beautiful people on earth? Ok, ok, that's what it felt like this afternoon when we first met, Baby August, or Augie, or Gus, or whatever other nickname you want to call him...he's absolutely adorable. I think Jenny wanted to take him home with us :)

Is there anything cuter than a 10 day old baby stretching? Not much.

Can you see the love in mom's eyes?

Baby feet!

August showed us his eyes a few times...this was one of 'em.

I really like these next 2 and can't decide which one I like better.

The hammock! This is Jenny's shot.

My favorite.

I love excited daddies!

I didn't forget about you :)

My favorite! And, yes, I have more than one favorite.

I love this one, too :)