Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Emma & Ian

Emma & Ian. You've seen their feet recently in this post. Now it's their turn to shine :) Emma is very shy, and Ian really didn't want to have his picture taken on this particular day, so Jenny & I had to be very patient with them. Eventually they warmed up to us and we had some fun. I can't wait for the fall and we'll get the whole family together at once for a session (mom and dad, too) :)

Note to photographers...if you own an iphone, and your subject keeps talking about trucks and paying no attention to you, download the firetruck app. It will save your butt :)

There is so much innocence and curiosity to be seen in a child's eyes.

Em's little smile here is so cute :)

Yes, Emma, you do have beautiful blue eyes.

Something about this shot. I just love it. Maybe it's because you can't see all of Emma's face (she's just not quite tall enough), or is it because Ian desperately wants to climb up by big sis but can't quite do it yet?

Fact. Rocks are cheap entertainment.

Nina made a brief appearance before she got bored and fell back asleep.

Thanks to the firetruck app, I got this shot.

I really like this one, too. It's different, but something caught my eye and I can't quite figure it out yet.

Ian, I see that little grin you're trying to hide in there.