Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Personal Post

Well, I haven't posted many images of my kids on here lately. Jenny keeps stealing them for her family blog (Running in Circles), but tonight, I decided I wanted to change that :)

As a wedding photographer, Jenny & I get to attend a lot of weddings (obviously). But, rarely do we get to attend as guests....or with our kids. So, one of my buddies from all the way back in middle school was getting married in Branson this past Sunday. Jenny and I didn't have anything planned, so we decided to head down there for a few days, attend the wedding and relax for a few more days. Maybe we'd hit up Silver Dollar City, drive some go-karts, go to the water park, who knows. Well, the wedding was awesome.....and everything else, kind of blew.

Silver Dollar City - Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go there if you have 2 adults, and 3 kids (only 1 of them being tall enough to ride anything). Poor Ava missed out on all the rides by about 1 inch, and no one would budge. Which turned out to be a good thing, because for them to ride any rides, Max would have to wait with me for a ride, then we'd have to get in line again so Ava could go. Well, we got our money back from there and decided to head to The Track to ride some go-karts. Turns out Ava is too short to ride those too, but we promised Max he could go. One turn on the go-karts and we split from Branson. On the way home, we did go to Wild Animal Safari outside of Springfield that was cool and you could feed the animals when they came up to your car. Ok, enough writing, here are a few pictures...

Ava is a serious bubble blower.

Lia was pretty tired and grumpy the whole trip, probably due to the fact that she has 3 teeth coming in at the same time.

I did not take many pictures at the wedding. I refuse to be that photographer, but when the fire dancer came out, I had to snap some shots. It was so cool. I shot all these only with my 24 2.8 lens, so I didn't get many close ups. Either way, I like how they turned out.

Max & Ava had fun dancing.

Here's a shot of Ava dancing by herself :)

The Wild Animal Safari was pretty cool. And, no, this camel did not eat Lia's hand.

"I want to feed the chocolate horses, mommy!"

This buffalo tongue was gross...at least, I think it was a buffalo tongue.

Ok, funny story about this. We were feeding some zebras when this one zebra comes sprinting down the hill and ramming another zebra into our car. I pull up a little to get out of the way. We thought they were playing, so I watched from the side mirror when one of the zebras just mounted the other zebra. I had to take a pic :)

Lia says, bye-bye for now :)