Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ashley & Taylor: Engaged!

I like to think that my ipod knows what I want to hear at all times, so I let it shuffle through my (currently) 12,178 songs, skipping tracks here and there, but for the most part it KNOWS what I want to hear. What does this have to do with engagement pictures you might ask...well, I'll tell you.

As I was driving home from Ashley & Taylor's engagement session Tuesday night, ipod on random of course, "Sorry Signs on Cash Machines" by Mason Jennings came on. It's such a beautiful song, but one part in particular grabbed me:

I know true love don't love like anybody else
I know your heart don't beat like anybody else
And all these burning battlefields are now behind us
Life has brought us here together to remind us
That love will rise above it all and just keep growing
Life keeps flowing, and every moment starts right here with us

Those words tie in to everything I learned about Ashley & Taylor during our shoot. Taylor just got back from China, where he has spent the last year away from Ashley. They learned that being away from each other was very difficult, but now that he's home, and they can hold each other tight again, everything is ok. They are together, madly in love, and ready to keep holding on for the rest of their lives. And it's so beautiful :)

"We can't be kissing in all the pictures."

A favorite.

Taylor even wrote her a song while he was away :)

I LOVE this next series. Taylor really, REALLY likes to be tickled :)

One of my many favorites.

They love to play games together. This particular game is called "The Settlers of Catan". And, apparently, Taylor is a sore winner...

and a sore loser :)

Yep, you guys are sweet...and have a great taste in music :)