Sunday, December 7, 2008

Random Shots, December 2008 & David Bazan

Ok, Drew and I finished the year off with an awesomely random photo shoot for the month of December. It started when he called me last Monday asking if I wanted to go see David Bazan with him on Friday night for free in St. Louis. I talked Jenny into letting me go on Tuesday and it was a done deal. Sweet! Then Drew mentioned that Emma, a town we've been dying to go to, was on the way to St. Louis and we should make it our random shoot for the month also. Even sweeter!

So, on Friday, I headed to St. Louis with Drew, Jeremy (a cool dude) and Brandon (a cool dude and an amazing painter) for a fun little one night photography/awesome music get away :)

The first few shots are from some random spot in Emma, pop. 204! Honestly, the only thing that sucked about Emma was that we really needed about 30 more minutes to fully explore everything Emma.

Then we took off down the road and Drew spotted this sweet junkyard off the side of the highway, with just a few minutes of sunlight left, we quickly pulled over and found some of the sweetest old cars ever! Again, I feel that we could have used about 30 more minutes here. There was just too much to see!

Bummed because we didn't have 30 more minutes to play, and out of sunlight, we headed on to St. Louis...

We had a little Bazan warm-up on Brandon's ipod. I know, you're not supposed to listen to who you are going to see on the way to the concert, but they wouldn't listen to me.

Warm-up time. Nicely lit...

Concert time. Poorly lit. I would like to point out here that it NEVER looks good lighting a concert with 2 red lights and 1 blue one from the side. EVER. Thanks lighting guy for a crappy job!

So, you get a bunch of black & whites :)

Note: the "30 more minutes needed" portion of the blog comes courtesy of Brandon for being 30 minutes late and making us miss some awesome light. JK...I had a fun night, and definitely paid for it the next day with a lack of sleep :)