Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Married: Shelly & Tyler

Venue: Oakwood Country Club
Hair Stylist: Alida from Salon Reaction
Flowers: Bella Design Studio
Cake: Rebekah Foster Cake Artist

Our journey with Shelly and Tyler began just 5 short weeks ago. It was then that they sat in our basement chatting with us about how they met and what they love about each other. It was then that they said something so cool to us, I will never forget it. They said, "We want to be the next love story that gets told on your blog." So here is the first part of the story of Shelly and Tyler and their love... their kids, their blackberries, everything from the 80's, the manhole story, their second chance at love. We loved so many images from this wedding, so sit back, because we narrowed it down to 40...

Tyler gets his first look at his groom's cake...

which was a man-hole. Here's the short version. Tyler fell in a man-hole while out with Shelly one night, he popped up and said, "I fell for you!" So sweet!

Rebekah Foster did such a great job on both of the cakes.

All the decorations looked gorgeous! Michelle from Bella Design Studio worked very hard to make everything so perfect.

We witnessed Shelly do this quite often when talking to Tyler.

I love pictures like this that have so much going on. You see the nervousness of a daughter getting ready to walk with her mom down the aisle, you see another daughter playing the Wedding March on the piano, and you see a big smile on their mom's face as she's taking it all in :)

They both really, REALLY love their Blackberries, so it was fitting we used them for the ring pic. Note: We had them send a text message to each other and they had no clue what we were doing :)