Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wii Action

Ok, so we had a wonderful get together with fellow photographers, Heather Cole and her family, and Kelley and her husband, Sam, last night. After dinner, we hooked up some Wii Action and the camera happened to catch quite a few amazing shots of all of us in all our glory.

I have to apologize to everyone who was involved in this slideshow as we ALL look like a bunch of idiots!!

Here's what to look for in the slideshow:
1. Heather & Sam during a crazy intense boxing match
2. Max up way past his bedtime (Jenny & I suffered the next morning)
3. Heather is very intense while playing video games
4. Jenny busting out the kick during the tight-rope walk
5. Some sweet DDR moves by yours truly (unfortunately we didn't capture my amazing spin moves:)
6. Heather & I in a heated Monkey Ball Hurdle race
7. Kelley bustin' some sweet moves on the DDR mat

**oh, and the ultra cheesy 80's music goes out to the DDR Queens of Olivia, Heather, Kelley and Jenny**