Sunday, January 27, 2008

Van Horn Video - Deal or No Deal Video

So things have been kinda slow around here lately (it IS January after all), so I was really excited to tag along with my good friends Drew and Selena from Van Horn Video today for their Deal or No Deal audition video with Layna and Joel. Let me just tell you, this video is going to be HILARIOUS! As soon as Drew gets done editing it, I'm sure I'll be able to talk him into letting me post it here so everyone can see it. Anyway, Josh made me promise to take a few photos so I could have something to blog about, so here they are...

First up, Drew and Selena in action... Selena is such a great director! And Drew's quiet and always thinking behind the camera :)

Getting ready to play a mock 'Deal or No Deal'
A few of the Realies came along to show their support for Layna... and to be the glamorous case girls :)
Deal or No Deal? The pressure was almost too much!
And the reaction to winning a million dollars... (and in case you're wondering, Joel is holding a stuffed monkey because if they win a million dollars, he's hoping Layna will let him get a REAL pet monkey... my money's on Layna... sorry Joel!)
This is Layna rapping to Baby Got Back (of course she changed up the words:) with everybody else shaking their booties in the background

Layna and Joel, good luck! They had better let you on Deal or No Deal. I mean, you worked so hard on the video (and you do have great hair :)