Sunday, January 27, 2008

Grandma EE

This afternoon I went out into a field to take some sweet shots of Ava, and my parents tagged along to help. Max and Jenny were supposed to come along, but due to an unfortunate scenario where Max decided he did not want to take a nap, they had to stay home. I needed a helper, and my mom always does a good job:)

To get to the point, I was looking through the pictures tonight and this one grabbed me, so I wanted to share it right away. I'll post more pics of Ava from the session once I get more time to work on them.


I wanted to add also that I don't have enough pictures of my parents with our kids, and that's a shame. My parents probably spend almost as much time as we do with our kids. Max and Ava just love their Papa & EE. If it wasn't for them, we couldn't run our photography business the way we do.

Anyway, I'd love to let people know that if they are interested in any Grandparent Sessions, we'd love to spend some time with your kids and their grandparents doing whatever it is they do together. Whether it's sharing an ice cream cone, or just capturing grandpa pushing your little ones around on their tricycles, we'd love to capture some of those memories for all generations to enjoy for years to come.

And, finally, I'd like to personally thank everyone for their kind words on our new website. We spent a lot of time getting that ready for launch, I'm glad that it was time well spent.