Friday, December 14, 2007

Random Shots, December 2007

Today, I had an impromptu shoot with Drew. We try and go once a month, but with my vacation, and his crazy work schedule, we luckily fit one in this month before Christmas.

Drew told me about some lot with a ton of trailers parked in it, so we decided to start there. It was kind of creepy walking around an empty lot and the only noises that you hear are the sounds of ice dripping off of the empty trailers. And it was still icy on the ground, so every step was the crunch of the ice beneath your feet.



I Sober Drivers, too:)


Then we headed out to Lexington, Missouri. Lexington is a very old town that still has a building with a cannonball in it from the Civil War. Drew was interested in visiting Lexington as his parents almost moved there when he was a lot younger.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from Lexington. We pulled off at this really run-down motel on the side of the highway. There were tons of vacant rooms with bright colored doors and random things thrown all over the place. It looked very cozy to me:)

My second favorite shot of the day

Who wouldn't want to stay here?




Can anyone tell me what a Fish Rib is?

These last two shots are random buildings that we saw on the highway into Lexington. I love taking pictures of structures like this. There's something about a fallen building that makes my camera happy. Normally, I see these buildings and realize I don't have a camera, or am too freakin' scared to trespass by myself. But, Drew forced me along, and I'm glad he did.


My favorite shot of the day.