Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fun in the Snow

There's nothing better about being a kid than playing in the snow. I remember when I was a child building tunnels in the snow with my buddies, having snowball fights, and it didn't matter how cold or wet you got, you were having so much dang fun!

Well, my favorite thing to ever do in the snow was go sledding. Last night, Jenny and I decided to buy Max a whole snowsuit that fits this year and a couple of sleds for him and Zoey to play in our front yard with. We have a little hill they could sled down.

Here's what happened.

First off, Ava was more interested in sledding than Max and Zoey. You'll notice she was also interested in eating the strap to her hat.

Although it's hard to tell, Ava really is sledding down our little hill, just very slowly. I don't think she really had a clue as to what was going on as her expression never changed. Or it was like that because she was thinking, "I'm cold as *&%^, get me inside!"

I snapped a shot of Ava's butt after sledding

Max finally decided he wanted to try...

and had fun, so he wanted to race Zoey

Ava was still eating her strap

Like usual, my son loses to Zoey. I keep telling Jenny that I'm trying to teach him life's lessons early.
Lesson #1: Always let the girls you like win, unless it's Mario Kart, then you never, ever let a girl beat you!!*

When you're 3, you get bored with things very fast, so they decided to throw snow at each other...

and at me.

Max got hit once and decided that he did not want to play that game anymore

and Ava lost her gloves and screamed to go in. But she was still eating her strap!

Thanks for reading everyone. Check back tomorrow night for Kate & Rob's wedding we shot this evening!

*This excludes Mario Kart 64 as whoever is in first goes slower and gets nothing but stupid green turtle shells, while the player who sucks goes faster and gets all the red turtle shells, but I'm not really that bitter:)