Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Greg Laswell, Rosi Golan & Jay Nash

I love music. All kinds of music, but mostly music that makes me feel happy. Rosi Golan's music makes me happy...very happy. So, a few days ago I found out that she was going to be in Kansas City with Greg Laswell (who is a musical genius as well), and Jay Nash (never heard of him before, but he's a very funny dude). Anyway, I tried to round up as many photogs as I could for the show :)

Well, Kelley and Sam made it out, as well as Jeremy Arnold, and we had a blast enjoying an amazing night of music at the Czar Bar. Now, I have to say, I pride myself in the upkeep of my blog, as well as in the speed that I get my blogs posted, so Kelley just HAD to one up me and do hers last night. Then Jeremy posted his earlier this afternoon, so I'm 3rd, and I want to throw it out there that I WILL NOT BE 3RD AGAIN, EVER!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, before I share the images I also want to say that I love shooting around Kelley. She always finds some way to inspire me. I guess you could say she's my muse :) Anyway, before the show even started we were talking about double exposures in camera and such, and how I had never really messed with them before but thought it would be fun to do. So, Kelley goes and shoots some double exposures (in camera), so I jumped on the bandwagon and shot some as well. It was fun, and different, so I hope you like the results! So, when you see my favorite images, all of them were done in camera. I did play with some funky colors and such in Photoshop, though :)

I also want to take a moment to apologize to Jeremy because his crap camera of a 5d can't do in camera multiple exposures, and if it can, they don't make it very easy. Maybe next time you walk into a camera store you'll pick up a real camera like a Nikon :)

Wow, I'm wordy today! Here are my favorite images...first up, Rosi Golan. If you have never heard her music, I suggest you take a moment and do so (after you finish checking out my blog, of course) By the way, this was the first stop on her first tour ever. She sounded great!

I really like this one

Then we have Jay Nash. I had never heard him before, but anyone who has a song about getting in a fight at a burrito stand is alright in my books. He's got such a great voice as well. Here's a sweet shot with 10 exposures in 1!

Another favorite

Last was Greg Laswell. The dude simply writes great songs. It was nice to hear them all stripped down as well. His music sounds great with just piano and guitar!

I love this next series of 3 images!

Here's the video of my favorite Greg Laswell song "How the Day Sounds"

And, here's a sweet video of Jay Nash

I would have posted a video of Rosi Golan, but I couldn't find any good ones :(