Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cookin' with the Kiddos

Cooking with the kids is always an enjoyable experience. They love to help me make pancakes. And they love to do Christmas cookies every year, but we decided to try something different this time. Max and Ava got this awesomely cool cookbook for their birthday from one of our favorite families, The Millards, and we decided to try and make some homemade pizza. Yumm!!!!

Lia was pumped!!

While still prepping, Max found a moment to love on his baby sister :)

Ava had to get a chair

Notice Lia eyeing the cookbook in the background

Yes, she couldn't wait for the pizza, she wanted to eat the book :)

Do not jack with Mommy while cooking. She will throw flour on you.

Give me that book...NOW!!

Ok, it's all good now :)

I apologize to Jenny ahead of time here that it was after nap and we didn't re-do Ava's hair. Deal with it :)

Yes, that is a glass instead of a rolling pin. We graduated from and lived in Grandview for quite a while, so it makes it ok :)

Finished! And for the record, it tasted wonderful!!