Thursday, February 12, 2009

gDiapers: Earth Friendly Hybrid Diapers

So, those of us that have kids know that they go through diapers like crazy. And diapers create a lot of waste. Now this waste ends up in landfills and can take up to 500 years to decompose! That's a LONG, LONG time.

Well, a few months ago, we saw one of our clients using something new for their baby. It was called gDiapers. Please check out the gDiaper website for more info, because they have all the info about how they work, why it's better for the planet, and where to buy them written way better than I ever could :)

Well, we decided to give them a try, and all I'm going to say is that so far, it's easy, and we can flush them down the toilet! And, even if we do toss them in the trash, they only take 50-150 days to completely break down!

EDITED TO ADD: If you are thinking of buying these diapers, I highly recommend ordering the starter kit and a couple extra of the 'little g' pants (the outer part) from the gdiapers website. Then, head over to Amazon and order the flushables from there. If you sign up for their 'subscription' they will automatically ship you a new case of flushables every month and you'll get 15% off plus free shipping!

And since I have to post a picture, here's one of Lia modeling her new gDiapers :)