Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Location: Johnson Farms

Tonight we had a shoot out at Johnson's Farms and decided to head out a little early to take some pictures of the kids. We took Max here last year and had a blast. I remember that we didn't even make it out to the huge pumpkin field last time, so that's where we headed right away. If you have children, I highly recommend you take them to Johnson's. They had pig races, a little area with baby chickens for the kids to play with, a huge cannon that shot stuff in the lake, a big dino/tractor that smashed pumpkins, a playground and a huge pumpkin field perfect to lose your kids in. Max ran around like a crazy man the whole time, and Ava pretty much chilled the whole time we were there. Either way, I got some good shots and we are doing a wall display with some of the pictures that we got of the two of them together (which doesn't happen too often with such good results:). Anyway, enjoy the pictures!