Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stone Cold Killers

It started with a simple Christmas gift of Kung Fu Panda. We have now watched it at least a dozen times, and of course now Max walks all over the house "Kung Fu Panda"-ing people. It starts with an elbow and gets crazy from there. Lots and lots of "hoooos" and "baccccccs" come loudly out of his mouth as he runs and jumps around like the second coming of Bruce Lee.

I've been trying to find a good time to document some Kung Fu Panda-ing, and when my new lens and pocket wizard arrived yesterday, I decided to set up a mini-photo booth to make sure everything worked okay.

**Warning - after witnessing the sheer awesome-ness of Max and Ava's Kung Fu Panda style you will be a stone cold killer :) **

The elbow that starts it all...

Max calls this one "punch you in the junk while poking my own eye out"

Then he ripped off his jammies...

and used them as a weapon!!!!

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT trust this face!