Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

Says who? We spent all day Friday at Disneyland, and I don't know if I would agree that it was the happiest place on earth, but it was still a good time. We had a difficult time because the kids were still trying to adjust to the time change, and having no nap didn't help. But, we managed. Here are some of the pics I got of our excursion.

Riding the train to Toontown, Ava was amazed at all the cool things to look at

Here's Minnie Mouse showing Ava & Max how to cause they need any help :)

We come all the way to Disneyland and they just want to play on a playground

Then it was time for Max and I to drive some cars

The Nemo ride seemed like a good idea to Max and Ava until they shut the doors and it got dark

Even though Max and Ava screamed the whole time, Lia sure enjoyed it

The merry-go-round was more their speed

Jenny was out of it :)


Lia didn't get to ride the teacups...

but she still had fun!

We bought her a hat :)

The Jungle Cruise was fun until Ava lost her shoe in the water (don't worry, we got it back)

Meet Luke. He's my buddy, Brad's son and you'll see more of him in a few days

This picture sums up our Disneyland adventure. Ava trying to take everything in, Max whining he's scared (it was the Winnie the Pooh ride), Lia chilling, and Jenny looking on in disgust :)


Our journey concluded with Max crying to meet Mickey Mouse, then crying when we met Mickey Mouse. I did get him close enough I could get a couple of pics.

Ava was pooped

Lia was not

Max saying good-bye to Disneyland