Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wii play with Kelley & Sam

Tonight we had Kelley and her husband, Sam over for some enchiladas. We ended up playing some Wii, which always happens when we have company over. It was only a matter of time with all the photographers around that we busted out the cameras and Pocket Wizards. Anyway, check out these awesome pics of us in all of our finest glory!

Red Light, Green Light on Super Monkey Ball takes a ton of concentration!


I think Sam just won...

Yep, he just won!

Kelley complaining about Monkey Ball (it really is a tough game:)

Jenny gets really, really into video games (photo courtesy of Kelley)

Don't fall off the edge (photo courtesy of Kelley)

I have no idea what face Jenny is making here, it's either the mean mommy face, or the you're sleeping on the couch face (photo courtesy of Kelley)

My winner pose (photo courtesy of Jenny)

And what would a personal blog be without a couple of pics of the kids. One of these days they are going to yell at me for all the pics I take, so I need to get as many in now as possible.

Ava got jealous of Max's Gap ad shots the other day, so she wanted one, too.

My tough little man showing off his new tats!