Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Married: Mark & Tuba

Ceremony/Reception: Oakwood Country Club
Band: Michael Beers Band
Flowers: Craig Sole Designs

On one of the most beautiful days I've ever witnessed in August, Jenny and I witnessed a gorgeous wedding ceremony. It's always amazing to me that LOVE appears in so many different forms, stretches across oceans, and is enjoyed by all. You see, Mark is from America, Tuba is from Turkey, together they are adorable.

Mark & Tuba had one of the most touching first moments we've ever seen and they are just so wonderful together. You can see the strong connections they have for one another in their touch, their glances at each other, and (my favorite) the way they laugh with each other. Enjoy!


Ebru, a form of Turkish art,

Craig Sole created some of the most stunning floral designs we've ever seen.

Headed to see the love of his life.

Again, their first moment was one of the most touching first moments EVER.

Told you the flowers were beautiful.

Yes, we mummified the groom with Tuba's veil :)

First dance.

During the toasts.

Party time!