Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just another Sunday

It's been far too long since I've posted some pictures of my kids. At least, far too long for my standards :)

Here are just a few shots I snapped on a lazy, wonderful Sunday with the family.

This is Lia right before nap. Every single time I lay her down, she grabs her favorite green blankie and snuggles tight. She just looks up at me with those innocent eyes that I love so much. I've been meaning to capture this shot for awhile now and I'm glad I finally did.
Max has a new found love of Legos. Here he's playing with the pirate ship I loved so dearly growing up. I love how my little Max goes through so many different phases. That's why I have to take so many pictures. Who knows, tomorrow he might be into something completely different.

Lia LOVES, just absolutely LOVES to find Max's and Ava's drinks and steal a few sips here and there. You can see it in her eyes, too. She'll spot a cup from across the room and monkey crawl as fast as possible over to it, snatch it up quick and start chugging. She has to, because the second Max or Ava sees her with their cup, they run over and snatch it back. Here, Lia is giving Ava the eye while chugging from her cup. She's got that "Yeah, I'm drinking your water, don't F with me right now" look.
And, as I was walking out the door for my family shoot tonight, sweet little Ava wanted to "give me a kiss through the rails". And I can't turn down a kiss from any of my girls. You never know when they are going to all of a sudden be too cool to give dad a kiss. So, I'm enjoying it while it lasts :)