Sunday, September 23, 2007

Carnival & Dinosaurs!

This weekend was crazy busy for us. Between the Sara & Greg's wedding on Saturday, and two wonderful family shoots on Sunday, I needed to take a break and work on some pics of the family. Don't worry everyone, we will have your preview pics up soon enough!

Since summer is winding down and fall is almost here (my favorite season), we have been trying to take the kids to see all the different things going on around Kansas City. On Friday night, we met Zoey at the Raymore Carnival right near our house. Enjoy some of the fun times we all had!

Max & Zoey making silly faces

The Carousel was a blast for both Max & Zoey

It was pretty scary for Jenny and she got the kids all riled up! You should have seen the glare on the ladie's face right in front of them while they were screaming!

Zoey by a weird hot dog

Max loves helicopters (until they go high, then he gets scared, but he made it out safely)

Zoey does too!

And Ava got to chill in the wagon eating baby cheetos...
Until she broke out and took off!

I'm on a strictly no apple diet, so Jenny wouldn't let me have one of these.

But, Max shared his cotton candy with Zoey...

and she returned the favor.

Jenny was out of control once again (I love the look on Ava's face:)

Time to play some overpriced carnival games (guaranteed winner)

Max picked up one duck at a time

Zoey picked up all three at the same time (no patience)

And Ava got a turn

Sweet, we spent $5 for a $.25 stuffed animal

I think it's funny how your perspective changes on things once you have children. Jenny and I used to always talk about how we would never waste our money on those carnivals. Once you see how much fun your kids will have, it changes everything. Watching Max & Zoey tear through the field from one ride to the next made for an enjoyable evening.

Then, on Saturday morning before Sara and Greg's wedding we took Max and Ava out to Powell Gardens to see Jurassic Garden. Max is really into dinosaurs right now, so he was pretty excited. His favorite dinosaurs are the Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Brontosaurus. Unfortunately, they didn't have any of those guys, just obscure dinos that no one has ever heard of before. Max had a blast anyway. Oh, the joys of being a kid again. It was funny seeing how excited Max got before we got to see each dinosaur, then he would stare at it for 10 seconds and tear off to find another one, repeating those same steps until we saw them all. It was impossible to get him to calm down. Anyway, here are some pics, of course.

After we were done with the dinos, we decided to hang out for a little bit to get some pictures of Max and Ava together, and of course, it didn't quite work out, but here is what we got.

I love how happy my darling Ava is and how easy it is to make her smile:)

Max, on the other hand...

Max decided he was a T-Rex and he wanted to eat mommy.

Jenny is absolutely going to kill me for this one, but she was making silly faces and I got a picture, so it's fair game. If she wanted me to do a silly face, all she had to do was ask, but she didn't. This is by far my favorite picture of Jenny I've ever taken:)

Just kidding, it's probably in the top 3, though. Seriously, if you have a family session coming up, I'm pretty sure that you will be seeing this face sometime throughout the shoot. It's one of many that Jenny deploys on young children to get some great smiles.

And to everyone eagerly anticipating some of their pics on the blog, they are coming in the next day or so!