Sunday, July 15, 2007

T-Rex Cafe, Kansas City Zoo & Myspace

Jenny and I made a list before the summer started about all of the different things we were going to do with Max and Ava this summer. It turns out that it is now the middle of July and we haven't crossed anything off of that list yet. So, Friday night after I got off of work, we decided to take the children up to the T-Rex Cafe at the Legends Shopping Center. I heard it was like the Rainforest Cafe and Build-a-Bear all rolled into one, but centered around dinosaurs, which Max loves. So, here are a few pics from the T-Rex Cafe.

First, we have Max digging for dinosaur bones in the big sand pit.

Max decided to bury Ava!

After burying Ava, Max wanted to be buried, too.
Grabbing rocks with Grandma EE

Then we moved to the Build-a-Dino, and here we see Max picking out his dino...

Next, he picked out a heart...

And put the guts in it...

Then Max had to clean the dino.

It was late and this is the best one I got of him holding his dino (he named him Max, Jr.)

Since I didn't get a good shot of Max and his finished dino, I took some more pics the next day. Max said his dino was hungry and wanted to eat the camera. Don't worry, the camera made it out okay.

Max, Jr. really is a friendly dino.

Now that we crossed off one item off the list, we wanted to knock another one down. So, thanks to Kelly & David for not wanting us at their wedding bright and early, we had enough time to take Max & Ava to the Kansas City Zoo. A little backstory here about the first time we took Max to the zoo. As you all obviously know I'm a photographer, and I love to take pictures of my children. So, how does a photographer take his son to the zoo for the first time and tries to document it with a $10 disposable camera? I'll tell you how, I forgot my camera! And disposable cameras suck!! So, I made sure I brought my good gear this time (it was Ava's first trip to the zoo). Being a Friend of the Zoo helps out as well, because it allows you to see one part of the zoo before naptime, and go back whenever you want without paying each time. Here are a few pics.

Max's first ride on a carousel

Ava didn't really know what was going on, so she chilled in the stroller...

And snacked on Cheerios...

And got excited for the lions, or maybe just excited to hit the glass, we'll never know.

Max was roaring like a lion at Ava...

And roaring on the train ride back to the car.

And he's still got the dino.

If you're still reading this after the 20 pics, and all my silly captions, please feel free to check out Josh Solar Photo on Myspace. If you have a Myspace, and would like to add us as a friend, go ahead. We'll be updating that page with current pics every so often. So that makes our website, our blog, and myspace all as places you can keep informed about Josh Solar Photo.