Sunday, July 1, 2007

Jennie & Jay's Wedding

So yesterday Jennie & Jay got married! And it rained all day (I think it might have finally stopped raining by the time we got to the reception). It was great though, because Jennie & Jay didn’t let the rain ruin their day or their spirits. We had an awesome time with them! I imagine it would be a pretty funny sight to see… I don’t have any pictures, so you have to bear with me here… okay, so it’s pouring rain, Jennie & Jay are outside in the rain with an umbrella… Josh and I are following them around… he’s got a camera in his hand shooting and I’m following him around holding an umbrella over him so the camera won’t get wet! We even stopped at a little park on the way to the reception and the limo driver held the umbrella for Jennie & Jay… you gotta love this Midwest weather :). So anyway, they also had the CRAZIEST reception I think I’ve ever been to… seriously, my legs are sore today from squatting down so much taking pictures of everyone dancing… I was standing on tables, laying on the ground… it was crazy… but so much fun! So here are some pictures (it was very hard to narrow it down to even this many… you will definitely want to check our proofing website in a few weeks to see these photos!)…

Look at their faces!

Seriously, how cool is this cake?

So I find myself saying this alot, but it's a small world... you may recognize these guys from our blog... we shot James & Brianah's wedding in May... it's so fun to see people we know at other weddings!